Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for on-line Railway ticket booking

Who can use these services?

Any customer of centralised banking solution(CBS) branch having Internet Banking Account User-id and password.

How to book the ticket?

Internet Banking User of the Bank will log on to website of Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd. (IRCTC) - for booking of Railway Tickets. Login to the IRCTC services. Plan your journey. Follow the instructions and book the ticket. Once the travel plan has been finalized, click on Make Payments button, which would give you a list of Banks. Choose Punjab National Bank from the same. You would be directed to your Bank’s Internet Banking Login page. Enter your Internet Banking user id and password. You would be shown a screen indicating.

Pay To: IRCTC, Amount: Your Bill Amount

Click on Continue button and you would be prompted for your transaction id and password (of your Internet Banking account). On providing the same your account would be debited by the amount. Clicking on Back to IRCTC button will display the details of your ticket. A printout of the same can be taken for your reference.

How is the Ticket delivered?

Delivery of ticket is the responsibility of IRCTC. IRCTC gives you an option of picking up the Ticket from its office at New Delhi Railway station or to be dispatched through courier.

What happens if the connection is terminated after debiting my account?

In case of any transaction failures after debiting of your account please do not panic, your account would be credited back with the amount within the next 3 working days.

How do I know that my ticket has been booked?

After payment confirmation message appears, clicking on Back To IRCTC button will display details of ticket booked.

Do I incur any service charges for the service?

Presently Punjab National Bank provides this service free for customers. IRCTC charges a nominal fee for the services. For details please check with IRCTC web site.

How do I check whether my account has been debited?

Login to Internet Banking Services of Bank ( or and view the Online account details to check debit to your account.

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