Important Message

Security against e-Mail fraud.

Dear Customer,

In the recent past you would have read or heard about various fraudulent e-mails sent to customers of large financial institutions in several countries. These e-mails contain links to websites that look similar to that of financial institution’s website. This website looks like institution’s own website and it request for confidential information like usernames/userids, passwords and other personal and confidential banking information.

At PNB, the privacy and confidentiality of customer’s information is always the top priority. A host of security measures have been taken by the bank to maintain the confidentiality of the customers information with the bank. We never request for your personal and financial information over e-mail.

We request you to observe following precautions to keep your information safe and secured:

REMEMBER– PNB will never contact you & ask for your logon details or password or any other personal information over email.

NEVER - follow a link within an email to use PNB’s Internet Banking - PNB will never ask you to login from a link in email. - Never tell password(s) to any body.

BEWARE - of fraudulent websites looking similar to PNB’s Internet Banking website. - of scam e-mails which may contain virus or be linked to a fraudulent website

ALWAYS - Check the padlock symbol on the bottom right hand corner of the web page to ensure that you are connected to PNB’s website. - Logout when you intend to exit PNB’s Internet Banking to ensure that your secure session is terminated.


Here are some helpful tips to improve internet security:

  • Keep your User-id and passwords secret.
  • Select password which is difficult to guess.
  • Do not write or disclose your passwords even to officials of PNB
  • Destroy the password mailer after changing the passwords
  • Change passwords periodically.
  • Use virtual keyboard shown on the screen, to enter passwords.
  • Avoid accessing PNB’s Internet Banking from Cyber-cafes or shared networks
  • Protect your computer with adequate anti-virus solutions
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