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DashboardPersonalise Dashboard

  • >Widgets and ShortcutsPersonalise Dashboard by placing various widgets

A/c Details, Balance & StatementDetailed, Mini Statements, Nominee and Lien Details for various types of accounts

  • >Accounts SummaryDetailed statement,mini statement,etc. for all accounts
  • >Operative AccountsDetailed statement,mini statement,etc. for only operative accounts
  • >Deposit AccountsDetails of Deposit Accounts
  • >Loan AccountsDetails of Loan Accounts
  • >Credit CardsDetails of Credit Cards Linked
  • >Suvidha CardsDetails of Suvidha Cards Linked

Open/Close AccountsOnline opening of FD, RD and PPF Accounts and Premature Closure of FDs

  • >Open Fixed Deposit(FD) A/cFD Accounts Online opening
  • >Open Recurring Deposit(RD) A/cRD Accounts Online opening
  • >Open PPF AccountsOpening of PPF through IBS.Thereafter completion PPF opening process through branch after KYC submission
  • >Premature FD ClosureClose your RD before the maturity date

My Accounts:
E-interest CertificatesGeneration of Interest Certificates for Housing and Education Loans & Deposit Accounts

  • >Housing LoanGeneration of Interest Certificate for Housing Loans
  • >Education LoanGeneration of Interest Certificate for Education Loans
  • >Deposit AccountsGeneration of Interest Certificate for all Deposit Accounts

Transfers to PNB AccountsTransactions within Bank(own or other accounts),simple interest loan payments (Staff Loans and Education Loans) and Own or Other PNB Credit Card Payment

  • >Own AccountsTransfers within accounts of same customer ID or linked customer IDs
  • >Other PNB AccountsTransfers to accounts within PNB
  • >Education Loan AccountsTransfers to simple interest education loan account (i.e. within Moratorium Period) linked to the customer ID
  • >Own Credit CardTransfers to own Credit Card linked to the account
  • >Other Credit CardTransfers to other Credit Cards linked to the account
  • >Transfer through TemplateTransfers through Templates created for transactions done more often

Transfers to Other Bank AccountsTransactions other than Bank like IMPS,NEFT,RTGS and Indo-Nepal Remittances

  • >IMPS using IFSC(24*7 Instant Transfer)Transfers through IMPS using IFSC details of the Beneficiary
  • >IMPS using MMID(24*7 Instant Transfer)Transfers through IMPS using MMID of the Beneficiary
  • >NEFTTransfers through NEFT
  • >RTGSTransfers through RTGS
  • >Indo Nepal Remittance using Account IDIndo Nepal Remittances through the Account ID of the beneficiary
  • >Indo Nepal Remittance using National IdentityIndo Nepal Remittances through the National Identity of the beneficiary

Beneficiary ManagementManaging of Beneficiaries, Templates and Billers

  • >Manage BeneficiaryAdd,Delete,view and Modify Beneficiaries
  • >Manage TemplatesDelete,view and Modify Billers
  • >Manage BillersRegister Billers for payment and view earlier requests

Transaction StatusGet status of transactions of all types

  • >All TransactionsStatus of all transactions
  • >Recurring TransactionsStatus of only recurring transactions
  • >Scheduled TransactionsStatus of only scheduled transactions
  • >Completed TransactionsStatus of only completed transactions
  • >Saved TransactionsStatus of only saved transactions
  • >Indo Nepal StatusStatus of only Indo Nepal Remittances

Value Added Services:
Mobile Banking ServicesServices related to Mobile Banking that are available through Internet Banking

  • >New Registration for Mobile BankingRegister for Mobile Banking through Internet Banking with the help of Debit Card details
  • >Reset Password for Mobile BankingReset Password of Mobile Banking through Internet Banking with the help of Debit Card details
  • >Generate MMIDGenrate MMID through Internet Banking

Value Added Services:
Emergency ServicesEmergency Services for Internet Banking

  • >Debit Card HotlistingHotlist your Debit Card through Internet Banking
  • >Mobile Banking User blockingBlock your Mobile Banking user through Internet Banking
  • >Stop ChequesStop Cheques of linked accounts through Internet Banking

Value Added Services:
Tax Related ServicesIncome Tax related facilities

  • >Tax Credit(View Form 26AS)View and Download Form 26AS from Traces through Internet Banking
  • >Income Tax e-Filing Logine-Filing through Internet Banking

Value Added Services:
Card Related ServicesDebit Card related facilities

  • >Debit Card PersonalisationPersonalise your Debit Card, POS Limit and change your International Usage through Internet Banking
  • >Debit Card Activity InquiryInquiry of Debit Card Transactions for a date range
  • >Set/Reset Debit Card PINSet/ Rest Debit Card PIN by receiving an authentication code on registered mobile number(RMN)

Personal Settings:
Personal Details & PreferencesUser Related details and Preference Settings

  • >Update IBS User IDSet a custom User Id that may be used for login
  • >View Personal DetailsView Personal Details like Primary Customer ID,Communication address and Contact Number and Email ID
  • >View Registered Mobile NumberView mobile number registered against each account
  • >Set PreferencesSet Preference like Language,Date Format,Primary Account Number and Language for SMS ALerts
  • >Set Account NicknameSet nickname for each account

Personal Settings:
Security SettingsSettings related to Security ascpect of the user

  • >Set Account NicknameSet nickname for each account
  • >Set LimitsSet Limits for your transaction types and set maximum no. of beneficiaries to be added per day
  • >Enable Transaction PasswordEnable your Transaction Password if transaction facility not availed earlier
  • >Change Login PasswordChange your Login Password
  • >Change Transaction PasswordChange your Login Password
  • >Change Image/PhraseChange your Image/Phrase for security during login
  • >Enroll for challengeEnroll for challenge questions to be prompted while transacting whenever application finds something suspicious
  • >Set Login Time RestrictionSet restriction on Login time on All days or selected days
  • >Set Second Factor AuthenticationSet Digital Signature Certificate as your primary

Other Services:
Register for Govt. InitiativesServices related to Government Initiatives

  • >Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima YojanaEnroll for Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana
  • >Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima YojanaEnroll for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana
  • >Overdraft Facility under
    Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan YojanaEligible customers may avail OverDraft on Jan Dhan Yojana Accounts
  • >Aadhaar RegistrationFeed your Aadhaar Number for registration in Internet Banking
  • >Gold BondApply for Gold Bond

Other Services:
Service Request and TrackingGeneration of Service Requests and Tracking of Requests

  • >Service RequestsRaise new service request from list of offline requests and also make query of already raised requests
  • >FD A/c Opening-Status TrackingTrack ststus of FD that have been opened through Internet Banking
  • >RD A/c Opening-Status TrackingTrack ststus of RD that have been opened through Internet Banking
  • >Premature FD A/c Closing-Status TrackingTrack ststus of Premature closure of FD that have been opened through through Internet Banking

Other Services:
Complaint ManagementRaise Complaint or Request relating to any Banking service on offline basis

  • >New Complaint/RequestRaise a new complaint or request related to any Banking Services through Internet Banking
  • >Complaint TrackingTrack the status of the complaint or request raised
  • >Complaint Request HistoryCheck history to review earlier complaints or requests raised

Mails & Messages:
Mails & MessagesCheck mails and messages from Bank

  • >View Broadcast MessagesView broadcast messages sent by Bank
  • >Internet Banking MailsView emails sent by Bank in the internet banking inbox