PNB Verify

About PNB Verify:   PNB-Verify is a device binding solution using which user can authenticate transactions using Mobile Application as App notification instead of using the SMS based OTP as second factor of authentication. Thus this utility serves as an alternative for second factor authentication to perform 'ALL' financial transactions and certain non-financial transactions.

Process Flow for Activating PNB Verify in Retail Internet Banking:   

Enrolment - Self registration flow

1.In order to enroll for PNB Verify, user needs to login into his internet banking account using user id and login password. After login, user can enroll for PNB Verify.Personal Setting->Enroll for PNB Verify

2.On enrolment of PNB Verify system, a SMS will be delivered on your registered mobile number with a link to install PNB Verify app on user device.

You can install the app on the device and logs in PNB Verify application using the Internet banking user id and activate PNB Verify App.


1.Download and Install PNB Verify App.

2.Enter User id (same as that of retail Internet Banking).

3.An activation code will be delivered on mobile number, authenticate using the activation code received on registered mobile number.

4.Set PNB Verify password (alphanumeric in nature) or enroll for pattern to login into the application or enroll for biometric for login into application.

Transactions Within Internet Banking

1.Login to Internet Banking.

2.Initiate the transaction.

3.Enter transaction password and proceed further by clicking on Continue.

4.Now in place of OTP, a message will be displayed on the screen to verify the transaction using PNB Verify Mobile App within 3 minutes.

5.User needs to Login to PNB VERIFY Mobile App to view the Notification and either Approve or Decline transaction.

6.On approve or decline action, the transaction will get successful or failed respectively within 3 minutes, after expiration of this duration, the transaction needs to be initiated again.

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