Personal Profile


The Personal Profile option allows the retail user  to view and customize and set personal preferences in the ebanking application.  

User can change his internet login and transaction passwords. It also allows him to make changes to his profile. The retail user can maintain the details like personal details, address details, passwords and preferences. The retail user can modify these details whenever required.  

The user can update his account preferences like give a nickname to his accounts, set trace accounts.  He can also set accounts which are most regularly used as favorite accounts so that they appear at the top in the accounts drop-down.

The user can also set his favorite financial and nonfinancial activities so that they are readily available to him on his main login screen.

The retail user can set preferences for date and amount format, preferred language and favorite links that would appear on the dashboard screen.

He can also generate mobitoken for authentication.


The following is the navigation for this option:

  • Click Personal Profile in the Retail User screen.

  • The Personal Profile screen is displayed.


The table below lists the functions provided in  Personal Preferences:



See Topic

Change internet login, transaction and SMS passwords

Change Passwords

View and Update Personal Details

View and Update Personal Details

Set preferences for date and amount format, preferred language and Favorite links that would appear on the dashboard screen.

Set Preferences

Give nicknames to account and set trace accounts

Update Account Preferences

Set accounts as favorite which enables them to appear on top in the account drop down menus

Set Favorite Accounts

Set favorite financial and nonfinancial activities, which will appear in the respective dropdowns in the main login screen.

Set Favorite Activities

Generate mobitoken for authentication

Generate Mobitoken

Set alerts for usage of online vault space, when it nears its full capacity.


Refer the Online Vault manual for more details on the functionality.

View/Update Alert Subscription (SELF) & (SELF/LINKED)

Retail user can update their login ID for each channel.

Update Channel Login ID

Manage the account groups

Manage Account Groups